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The ‘face-to-face’ reverse mortgage process

When it comes to taking care of your reverse mortgage finance needs, at Reverse Mortgage Finance Solutions (RMFS) we don’t our responsibility lightly. RMFS offers a face-to-face personal meeting service to respond to your needs. We believe that discussing reverse mortgage loan options with you personally, will help us gain a fuller understanding of your objectives. A face-to-face discussion should also help you be more comfortable in making what is an important financial decision.

In a world where everything can be obtained via the Internet, RMFS takes the higher road to be personally available to our clients. And because we understand that your time is valuable, it’s not necessary to leave your home for a meeting. Our consultants will gladly meet up with you in the comfort of your residence, coffee shop, or any place convenient for you. We want to listen to your questions or your doubts so we can further help you gain confidence with home equity release products that are suitable for you.

We respect your needs and priorities, so we advise the best way for you to achieve your financial objectives. A reverse mortgage may not only help improve your cash flow, it can also reduce the stress and worry in your life. Because your well-being is the top priority, our consultants will not only explain the financial implications of a reverse mortgage loan, but will also encourage you to consider:

  • Will there be any possible changes to your income or expenses in the future? Have you considered possible future aged care needs?
  • Will a reverse mortgage affect your government or aged pension benefits?
  • Is it best to discuss the decision to your family members?
  • What is the best way to access the funds from your reverse mortgage, given your present and future circumstances?
  • What are the rules that apply to the loan? When is it to be repaid? Can you make additional or early repayments to the loan? How can you access future draw-downs?
  • Who is the most suitable reverse mortgage lender for your needs?

When you’re ready to go to the next step, our consultants will prepare all the necessary paperwork and submit a loan application to your chosen lender, on your behalf. From start to finish, RMFS will be there to guide you. The process usually takes 4-5 weeks, but can take longer if a refinance of an existing debt is required. When it comes to your financial journey, everyone is different. Our unique face-to-face proposition ensures that your unique goals are achieved and your interests are protected.

Call us today at 1800 001 020 and experience a personalised service like no other.