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Like most senior Australians, you probably just want to live a comfortable and worry-free retirement. After years of working hard, it is about time to relax and enjoy life.

However seniors often find it hard to sustain dignified living today, especially those who are living on government pensions. Some are still paying for their original mortgage and making ends meet by taking high-interest loans such as credit cards and personal debt.

The good news is, it’s possible to consolidate all your debt and live a stress-free life through RMFS reverse mortgage.

Reverse Mortgage Debt Consolidation from RMFS

Senior home owners are usually rich in assets but ‘cash poor’. After decades of working hard and paying for their mortgage, they have acquired substantial home equity. But because of low pension or limited super, they have limited incomes and in some cases retire with a substantial home loan still secured against the family home.

Reverse Mortgage Finance Solutions (RMFS) offers reverse mortgage loans that allow you to roll all your debt into one and pay them off immediately. Aside from the ‘cash-flow’ relief it can provide, this opportunity may save you thousands of dollars in interest rates.

Why Refinance Your Debt with a Reverse Mortgage?

  • No need to earn income. Reverse mortgage lenders will not require you to earn a minimum level of income or prove savings.
  • You are not selling your home. A reverse mortgage is a loan secured on your property; it is not a sale of your property. You can continue to retain full ownership of your home, so you can retire in comfort.
  • Enjoy any future capital growth. Because you are still the owner of your home, you are entitled for any growth. Australia has enjoyed a long and consistent period of house price growth.
  • You can borrow as much as 40% of your home equity (depending on your age), which you can use to pay all your debt and sustain a comfortable retirement.
  • No required regular payments. Although you can pay the loan voluntarily, you are not required to make any regular repayments; the loan will be repaid when you pass away or when the property has been sold.

Inquire About Reverse Mortgage Today

Obtaining a reverse mortgage is an important decision. To help you learn more about how home equity release can pay your debt or for other things you may need for your retirement, you can all RMFS at 1800 001 020. We also have a comprehensive guide entitled “A Practical Guide to Reverse Mortgages in Australia” which you can DOWNLOAD FOR FREE.


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