Marguerite Taylor June 12, 2015 No Comments

Reverse Mortgage Considerations

There has been a lot of interest surrounding reverse mortgages lately. Much has been made in the media regarding Australia’s aging population and the most efficient ways those in this age range can ensure they have sufficient retirement income. To this end, the recent Financial System Inquiry recommended reverse mortgages as a means of simultaneously unlocking retirement income and benefitting the Australian financial sector in general.

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Marguerite Taylor December 15, 2014 No Comments

Important Facts About Reverse Mortgages

Can you lose your home with a Reverse Mortgage?

Over the years I’ve seen and heard so many misleading statements about the risks of Reverse Mortgages and warning borrowers to be very cautious and suspicious. It’s a wise thing to be cautious because it’s a significant decision to put your home up as security for a loan. It really gets down to finding out the facts for yourself and then making an informed decision. You’ll probably be very surprised with what you learn.

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