As a member of the generation sandwiched between kids in college and elderly parents, you might be feeling the financial pinch and looking for a solution to ease the burden of providing for your loved ones.

A retirement loan (also called a reverse mortgage) could be the solution for your parents to help them to secure funds for medical bills and elderly care. But before you come to a decision, you should inform yourself about the pros and cons and encourage your parents to ask for Pension Loan Scheme advice.

At Reverse Mortgage Finance Solutions, our advisors will meet with your parents personally to ensure that they receive the best possible service and Pension Loan Scheme advice. If you book an appointment for a face-to-face meeting with one of our consultants, we can answer all their questions. By assessing your parents’ future objectives and requirements, we can also help them determine whether a reverse mortgage is indeed in their best interests.

Seniors are often worried that their house won’t belong to them anymore, or that their loan could start to exceed the value of their home. Pension Loan Scheme specialists at RMFS will put your parents’ mind at ease and will also answer questions about how much money they can expect from the loan, what their responsibilities are during the loan period, and what will happen once the loan becomes due and payable.

Don’t decide until you’ve received the best possible Pension Loan Scheme advice. Contact Reverse Mortgage Finance Solutions, or phone 1800 001 020 to book an appointment for your parents.