Reverse mortgages can be a lifesaver for retirees in Australia. Getting a loan based on the equity you have built up over time can help pensioners who don’t necessarily have a steady income for everyday needs—or simply help them acquire some extra income. Despite the potential benefits of this option, many who qualify for reverse mortgages in Victoria don’t know where to start gathering information or how to begin the process of getting their loan.

At Reverse Mortgage Finance Solutions, we seek to eliminate an often cumbersome and confusing process to make the reverse mortgage process as efficient as possible for those needing a loan in VIC. A reverse mortgage can help seniors in need of extra income, but it is also something that must be carefully considered beforehand. That’s why we believe in keeping our clients well-informed and thoroughly educating them on their options when applying for reverse mortgages in VIC.

What to Consider Before Applying for Reverse Mortgages in Victoria

While reverse mortgages in Victoria are an excellent choice for those who qualify, a few things should be carefully considered before applying. We want you to be well-advised before jumping into reverse mortgages in VIC, so we have made this quick guide exploring a few steps you should take before starting the process.

Read Up on Current Regulations: There are some restrictions on who can receive these kinds of loans in VIC. A reverse mortgage is well-regulated by the Australian government, and it is best to consider all the current rules that surround this process. There are plenty of protections around these loans, too. Explore all these guidelines with a trusted advisor before you begin.

Talk to Your Spouse or Family:  Reverse Mortgages in Victoria require the involvement of all persons on the property title, so you must discuss all aspects thoroughly with your partner or spouse. Sometimes consulting your immediate or extended family can help inform your decision.

Contact One of Our Advisors: Even before meeting for a professional consultation, our advisors will be here for you in VIC. A reverse mortgage can be quite confusing for a first-time applicant, so it is helpful to secure the support of a real person who can walk you through it. Our advisors are available to answer any questions you may have.

Get in Touch for Your Reverse Mortgage Needs

If you have considered all your options and are ready to get started with your reverse mortgage, get in contact with our supportive team, or phone your local Victorian advisor, Paul Dwyer on 0417 595 003 . If you are still unclear about what a reverse mortgage entails, you can get a free guide that walks you through some commonly-asked questions and essential facts. A reverse mortgage can help you with a range of daily needs, and we want you to be well-advised before you make your choice. Reverse mortgages have helped plenty of retirees here in Victoria, and they might be able to help you, too.