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Although the number of people taking out a reverse mortgage in Australia is on the rise, the market is still extremely small compared to that generated by standard home loans. To give you some idea of the imbalance between the two we can compare the market share of home and reverse mortgage loans. Nationwide, outstanding home loans total some $1.2 trillion, with only around 5 per cent of this figure attributable to reverse mortgage.

Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Reverse mortgages in Australia is a specialist field, which is exactly why those considering one should only deal with a specialist reverse mortgage lender in Australia. After all, if over 99 per cent of the nation’s house loan money is tied up elsewhere, there is little incentive for a general financial institution to put a great deal of resources into this particular area. As our name suggests, Reverse Mortgage Financial Solutions is dedicated to our specialist field, directing all our resources and expertise toward helping seniors get the most out of their equity.


This specialisation also has other advantages. Because many lending institutions aren’t focused on reverse mortgages in Australia, they are largely ignorant about the many benefits and details regarding this type of loan. These institutions often fail to understand why a reverse mortgage is often the best form of retirement income for seniors or what motivates seniors to seek to acquire one.

Many seniors feel, when dealing with large financial institutions, that their questions and needs are treated as periphery concerns. In such situations, numbers appear to take greater precedence over people and the quantity of money lent is often valued over quality of service given.

Reverse Mortgage Financial Solutions take a much more personal approach, taking great care to find out every detail that will help us give you the very best advice. Our comprehensive service even extends to house calls. We recognise that your time is precious and understand that it is not always possible or convenient for you to come to us.

If you want the best retirement income advice it is vital that you engage a specialist who not only understands the industry intimately, but also listens to your individual situation. Each and every situation varies and there is no one size fits all solution. Through vast industry experience, and the open and honest communication that is often lacking at larger institutions, the advisers at Reverse Mortgage Financial Solutions are able to offer the most practical and beneficial advice to seniors.

A reverse mortgage in Australia should always work to your advantage, so contact us today to find out whether you and your retirement income could benefit from one.

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